Age of Revolution #1

Takeo Cooper has been living a solitary, peaceful life in the woods, blissfully ignoring the troubles of the chaotic world around him. Unfortunately, this peace is about to be disturbed when a mysterious and powerful General pays him a destructive visit...

Age of Revolution #4

Ceasar's past is brought back to haunt him in the second part of his introduction. A battle raged in Hawk City between man and monster and Ceasar's true colours as a hero were brought to the surface. But is that past too far behind him for any hope of redemption now?

Age of Revolution #2

General Emrys and Takeo duke it out! What does he want with Takeo? And why has Takeo been living in forced isloation for all these years? The past is revealed in the conclusion of the two-part premiere of Age of Revolution!

COMING SOON: Age of Revolution #5

Age of Revolution #3

A new character and a new part of the Age of Revolution map is revealed! Ceasar Fletcher was once hailed as the Hero of Hawk City, but now he's a washed-up drunk with debts to pay... and some of them might be catching up with him faster than he expected!



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